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I founded Root Labs in 2007. We're a computer security consulting company, providing design and review services for companies designing new products. Our main areas of focus are embedded and kernel security, cryptography, and software protection.

I also write a blog on many of these same topics. Previously, I've been at Cryptography Research, Decru, Nifty Devices, Scient, Infogard, ISS, and Elite.Net. Have I really been doing security for this long?



I've been a FreeBSD committer since 2002. Initially, I wrote a SCSI target emulator and contributed it since I had to write a similar module twice previously for work. Then, my laptop didn't work very well with ACPI so I took a look. As typically happens when you do that, I ended up becoming the maintainer. It's a difficult subsystem since it includes the processor, chipset, and all the BIOS. Also, there are too many BIOS bugs to work around.


Commodore 64 and Copy Protection

We can learn a lot about modern copy protection by studying the past. There was an intriguing arms race during the 1980's that is not well-documented. This section documents protection methods and code for analyzing them.

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