done a great job on GEOS v2.0. We know you'll love this one.
      After trying out the many break routines throughout this manual,
      you'll want to check out the Protection Scheme Section. We show you
      how to create and use disk protection. Learning by doing is a great
      way to expand your knowledge.
      For those with the courage, we suggest the V-Max! Section. Be
      warned, a good knowledge of the 1541 is mandatory.
      Also, as promised, we have included the Hacker's Utility Kit on
      your work disk. We have done a slight re-format to allow those with
      PAL (European) systems to load this software. Because the PAL
      System is very different from the U.S. Commodore, we can't
      guarantee that all the features will work properly. Sorry.

                    << Author's Notes >>
      When I first started breaking copy protection routines, there
      was no such thing as "too much" information. I spent a fortune
      combing BBS's across the country looking for hints and tips. Every
      publication that even hinted at protection information eventually
      found its way to my door. I first became associated with Kracker
      Jax after they had released KJ REVEALED VOL I, which filled in
      several gaps in my copy-protection education and confirmed that I
      was on the right track in other areas. I gained enough confidence
      to submit a parameter to Kracker Jax that was eventually published.
      I was subsequently asked to contribute several pieces to REVEALED
      II, which I was glad to do.

      If some of the tutorials in Revealed III are over your head,
      don't be discouraged. There is no "easy" way to learn protection
      removal. It takes the patience of a saint and a willingness to
      spend long, backbreaking hours at the console, oblivious to the
      hole being burned in the back of your neck by your spouse's
      disgusted stare. Most of all, it takes a thirst for knowledge and a
      competitive nature that will not bend to the will of the
      The software protection war is not a myth: there is plenty of
      evidence that protection programmers ARE paying attention to what
      we are doing and ARE taking steps to make it harder.
                               Bob Mills

            K.J. REVEALED TRILOGY    PAGE [105]    (C)1990 K.J.P.B.

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